5 Biggest Challenges Businesses Face When Expanding Globally

Expanding business globally can be something exciting; but at the same time, it is challenging. These are some of the biggest challenges businesses face today while expanding their business across borders.

Managing global companies

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Global companies often struggle to adapt to the new environment. Research indicates that high-performing global companies were not doing as good as the locally focused companies. They find it hard to manage costs, people and risks associated with doing business internationally.

Strategic confidence

Expanding business internationally gives you the opportunity to access new customer markets, new partners and suppliers. There are many strategic challenges involved in being global. Many companies find it difficult to be locally adaptable and flexible. Because of the diversity of the market, it is often hard to allocate resources properly.

Human resources

It is a challenge to build up workforce which has knowledge about the global market. It is hard to find people who understand the global business market. It takes the time to develop such talent.


As companies start to grow internationally, the complexities in costs become high. Functions like legal services and sales can clash with the local needs. These create problems for the organizations.

Risk with diversification

A global company has a geographically diverse business portfolio. So, risks with country risk, currency risk, etc. are reduced. But entering so many emerging markets take the companies into unfamiliar risks. Proper risk management infrastructure is necessary to survive the volatile market condition.

Besides these, the normal risks associated with the political condition, economic condition, currency fluctuation, etc. are there. So, before you enter an international market, you should plan and research well so that your business risks are reduced.

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