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Top 4 Countries to do Business This Year

As more companies are thinking of expanding globally to grab the opportunities that are out there, it is essential to know which countries will be good for business expansion. Here are the top four countries for doing business this year.


Canada is similar to the US in terms of economic system, living standards and patterns of production. It has huge growth in the manufacturing, mining and the service sectors. The FTA and NAFTA agreements between Canada and the U.S. have increased the trade and economic integration with the U.S.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a free market economy that is dependent on international trade. It has integration with China through trade nd tourism. The natural resources in Hong Kong are scarce. Food and raw materials must be imported. So, there are lots’ of business opportunities out there.


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It is a small and trade-dependent economy. Agriculture is an important sector in this region where you can invest. It is a modern economy, and there are lots of scopes to invest.


It is a modern market that has a high-tech agricultural sector, huge firms in pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and maritime shipping. The country is dependent on foreign trade. It has the highest standards of living. They strongly support trade liberalization.

If you want to run business in the international market, then you should think of doing business in these countries. These countries welcome foreign trades, and so there will be less risk with your business.

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