What We Do

We offer assistance to businesses that are thinking of international expansion. We help them to deal with various issues involved when doing business abroad.

Providing information

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We have experts in more than 25 countries who are working for us. These experts try to find out about the business practices and culture of the country you want to expand your business. We can gather information about world trends. We have strong domestic and overseas networks to provide you will all the information you need to launch your business in a foreign country.

Feasibility study

Before you decide to enter a new overseas market, you need to do the feasibility study to determine if the expansion will be right for you. We conduct a thorough feasibility test for you and help you decide whether to go for the expansion or not.

Target market selection and detailed market analysis

We help you to select the target market. We conduct detailed market analysis for you to determine the market size, customer, economy, competition, investment medium analysis, and more.

Market entry strategies

We help you in developing your market entry strategy. This includes deciding value proposal, positioning the brand, product, determining price, etc.

Consultancy on law, legislation and tax issues

When you enter a new international market, you should know the business-related laws and regulations of that country. You should know about the tax issues. We are here to assist you with all these things.

We help businesses with their international expansion efforts. We can provide them high quality added services through our collaboration with the local member firms. We understand the global economic condition well and will be able to guide you the best way possible.